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MIRCURY is a conflict resolution institute that proposes a new and innovative way of contributing to prevention and resolution of violent conflict. 


In essence, we facilitate dialogues and initiatives in which we address the socio-psychological, political  and economic drivers of conflict holistically. We, therefore, only work in collaborative multidisciplinary teams of experts and in long-term engagements.


Our multidisciplinary teams - composed of negotiators, socio-psychologists, entrepreneurs, engineers, creatives, anthropologists, military - bring new and innovative methods of trust-building, scenario planning, consensus-building and economic entrepreneurship into the mix to enhance impact. 

Oil and Water

Our mission

To advance innovative conflict resolution, fostering multidisciplinary dialogues and initiatives that comprehensively address the socio-psychological, economic, and political drivers of conflict, with an overall commitment to reducing violent conflicts.

Our vision

We envision a transformative shift in mindsets, nurturing trust, fostering shared visions and narratives among conflict parties, aiming for structural change and the development of new relationships. 


Our values



We emphasize the importance of involving and valuing all individuals and groups affected by conflicts. We recognize that conflicts often arise due to differences in identity, beliefs, or interests. By promoting inclusivity, we seek to ensure that the voices and perspectives of all parties, regardless of their background, are heard and respected in conflict resolution processes


Local empowerment

We recognize the significance of involving local stakeholders in the resolution of conflicts that impact their lives. We aim to build their capacity to manage and resolve conflicts effectively, fostering self-determination and sustainable peace. This ensures that solutions are contextually appropriate, rooted in the unique needs of the communities involved, and promotes long-term peace.



We acknowledge that conflicts are complex and constantly evolving, requiring dynamic and adaptable strategies to address them effectively. By embracing innovation, we encourage the exploration of novel methodologies, technologies, and interdisciplinary approaches to conflict resolution, which promotes a culture of continuous learning, experimentation, and improvement.


What's in the name?

Our name consists of the acronym MIRC (Multidisciplinary Institute for the Resolution of Conflicts) and the word “mercury”, an element also known as quicksilver and the Roman god of communication, mediation and fortune.


According to Roman mythology, Mercury often served as a messenger between gods and men. Whenever conflict would arise, Mercury would be present as a trustworthy negotiator. For us, Mercury represents dialogue across boundaries. We want to be the link that connects people and translates their needs into workable solutions, changes relationships and perspectives, and brings fortune to all involved - key to sustainable peace. 


Mercury is the only metal that remains liquid at regular temperatures and under pressure. It has high surface tension, which is why mercury forms into beads of liquid. Similarly, the strength of MIRCURY is our ability to fluidly adapt to different conditions – including high-pressure ones – through our multidisciplinary methods. While being flexible, we also retain our values, form, and readiness; like a bead of mercury. 

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