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MIRCURY runs a series of workshops on the topics of conflict-resolution, peace-building, our innovative approach and more. During the workshops, students and young professionals learn new skills or build on their existing knowledge of mediation, negotiation and dialogue construction.

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Dialogue Workshop

An interactive simulation designed to train professionals, academics, and students in creating effective dialogues in post-conflict and conflict environments.

Participants will engage in realistic scenarios, which highly relevant and individually tailored for each workshop group, that reflect the complexities and challenges of conflict and peace-building contexts.


The simulation emphasises the importance of understanding diverse perspectives, fostering mutual respect, and developing practical communication skills.


Through role-playing and collaborative problem-solving, users will learn to navigate difficult conversations, mediate disputes, and build consensus.

MIRCURY's Methods

This workshop is designed to advance multidisciplinarity as a crucial element in effective and impactful dialogues and negotiations within conflict and post-conflict societies.


Our methodology includes engagement with a diverse array of participants — including peers, potential partners, university students, academics, professionals, and government representatives — we aim to highlight the importance of incorporating multiple perspectives in conflict resolution.

This workshop is therefore designed for you to engage with our proposals, offer your discipline's expertise, as well as take in the perspectives from other fields MIRCURY has had the chance to work with.

The sessions are designed for best-practice exchange, effective feedback loop, as well as interactive case-study presentations — all for increased awareness of the benefits of multidisciplinarity in conflict resolution.

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