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Our Projects

Bosnia and Herzegovina:
New narrative and investments for peace

In post-Dayton Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), instability persists due to the entrenched interests of dominant groups, despite its negative impact on basic services and societal coexistence. Our current efforts focus on:

  • Facilitating a constructive dialogue process, bringing together influential Bosnian interlocutors to bridge ethnic divides and shape a new narrative for BiH.

  • Developing concrete socio-economic investment projects to foster economic incentives for peace and attract peace investments.

  • Establishing local social platforms to mobilize a movement that offers alternative perspectives to national political leadership.

Round Building

Europe-Russia Youth Dialogue

The relationship between Europe and Russia is at one of its lowest points since the end of the Cold War, with the thread and possibility of further downgrading and deterioration continues to increase. Our objectives are to:

  • Facilitate an inclusive and open conversation between Europeans and Russians, exploring the past and present dynamics of the European-Russian relationship and identifying factors that both unite and divide the two sides.

  • Engage a diverse range of participants, with a particular emphasis on involving youth, to challenge prevailing narratives and create a platform for constructive dialogue and understanding.

  • Develop future scenarios for the European-Russian relationship and promote ongoing dialogue processes across various dimensions of this complex relationship. 

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