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Who we are

MIRCURY consist of a dedicated team that supports the vision of developing new and creative ways of approaching international conflicts. Our team is a diverse collective, with members originating from different parts of Europe and encompassing a wide range of backgrounds, ages, genders, and professional experiences across various continents. Our strength lies in our multidisciplinary approach to conflict resolution, which draws upon our unique perspectives to foster innovative solutions. By embracing our diversity, we create an inclusive environment that nurtures collaboration and enables us to make a tangible impact in promoting peace and understanding.


Patrick de Vries

Board Member & Co-Executive Director

Patrick is a diplomat and a professional in conflict resolution and a former lawyer. He has practiced law in the private sector for several years and conducted international diplomatic negotiations in various capacities, most notably during his assignments in Washington, Beijing, Brussels, Kabul, and the Middle East. Patrick is fascinated by and committed to bridging mindsets of people in violent conflict in different international and cultural settings. He aspires facilitating a roundtable with multiple perspectives that participate equally in conversations. From a young age on, Patrick has traveled across the world. He believes in the value of diversity, distinct views, and listening. Patrick loves to be active; he used to be a competitive football player and he enjoys reading historic novels.

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Vasilis is an international executive, business entrepreneur and former ambassador of Cyprus to the United Arab Emirates with 20 years experience in diplomacy. A strong advocate of the multidisciplinary approach to the resolution of current and future societal, political and economic problems, Basil is a proponent of sustainability and innovation both in concept and in application. In between his diverse endeavours and responsibilities, Vasilis strives to find time to continue to learn how to draw and write comics, hoping one day to contribute meaningfully to a graphic novel. In the meantime, he does find time to cook, but never follows a recipe.

Board Member & Co-Executive Director

Vasilis Polemitis

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Marleen Boersma


Marleen Boersma is completing her master’s degree in Religion, Conflict, and Globalization, which she is pursuing in her hometown of Groningen, the Netherlands. Driven by a firm belief in the transformative potential of dignity, empathy, and creativity to bridge divides, Marleen’s academic journey has been dedicated to exploring the intricacies of religious conflicts, the challenges of irreconcilable ideas, and the pursuits of more constructive modes of collaboration. 


At MIRCURY, Marleen has played an active role in the development of the organization’s multidisciplinary approach, contributing to the establishment of a strong academic background. Looking ahead, she aspires to use her people skills to keep pushing boundaries and think creatively about cultivating change. Outside of her academic pursuits, Marleen is an enthusiastic boulderer, and, when the Dutch weather allows it, windsurfer.

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Program Officer

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Thomas Plomp

Program Officer


Thomas is currently pursuing his Master's degree in International Relations & Political Science at the Geneva Graduate Institute after having completed his interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

He is driven by his desire to foster a more peaceful and prosperous world, and he firmly believes in the power of empathy and respect to drive positive change on a global scale.

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Stefan Hageman

Program Officer

Stefan is a political economist with experience in international development, academic research and project management. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh and the University of Groningen, and having worked and studied in Cairo, Muscat, Scotland and the Hague, he feels most comfortable in an international environment. He has written about economic development in the so-called Global South, Middle Eastern politics and international cooperation, as well as human rights and conflict situations.


Stefan is a multidisciplinarity enthusiast, with a strong belief that sustainable peace and growth can only be accomplished through cooperation and inclusivity. He prefers to work an international context, and with as many groups as possible: from organising high-end conferences to visiting prisoners in prisons abroad, Stefan enjoys connecting groups, organisations and people. Outside of work, he is an enthusiastic writer, home cook and horseback rider, and can often be found in coffee houses enjoying his beloved espresso’s.

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Lejla Hamzakadić


Lejla Hamzakadic holds a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature, with a minor in International Relations from the International University of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Lejla is passionate about languages, sociolinguistics and the overall impact language has on the international community, especially in regards to peace. She believes that language and communication are at the core of peaceful coexistence and tolerance.

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Alexandra Kuzmina


Alexandra is pursuing her Research Master's degree in Criminology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, after having completed her  Bachelor's and Master's degree in Communication and Information Sciences from University of Groningen.

She believes, in the future, strategic communications and conflict resolution will be more collaborative and inclusive. We will see a shift towards empathy and understanding, where all parties involved are heard and valued. 

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BiH Intern

Alma is an Intern

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